Residential Services

Electrical Service Upgrade

Electrical Service UpgradeWhat is an Electrical Service Upgrade? Like any mechanical product they become old and worn. Upgrading your electrical service gives you the assurance that your home or business if protected properly. The process that happens is we go in and remove your old panel or meter combo and replace it with a new one sometimes going from a standard 200 amp service to a 400 amp, with new breakers and termination of wiring for all your circuits. This will allow you to add more circuits and expand to your home or business, at the same time insure safety from electrical fires due to old and worn components.

Panel Tune Ups

What is a panel tune up? A panel tune up is a service we offer to save our customers money, this service is offered before a Service Upgrade. We would go into your panel and bring apart all the wiring and remove all the breakers. We then inspect the breakers one by one to make sure they are in working order and replace any of the defected ones we blow compressed air and remove any dust, dirt or debris that may have made its way into the breaker through out time. Next we go back into the panel and start to replace all the wiring to the designated locations insuring proper balancing of all circuits and proper amperage. This procedure helps the components and wiring in the panel work properly thus saving the customer money on there Electric Bill monthly.


BreakersWhat is a breaker? A breaker is a device located in your electrical panel. These devices are designed to protect your air conditioning units, computers, TVs, appliances, lights, etc. they vary in sizes from 15 amps up to 200 amp in homes and into the thousands of amps on commercial properties. Replacing a breaker can sometimes be fairly easy but at the same time the process could be extremely dangerous and it is recommended that a qualified electrician do the job.

GFCI/ARC Flash Breakers

GFCI/ARC Flash BreakersWhat are GFCI or Arc Flash Breakers? These are devices also located in the electrical panel. The GFCI breaker is a device that is designed to protect against moisture or water that we come in contact with while plugging something into a socket or even turning on a light switch with wet hands. The Arc Flash Breaker is a device designed to protect against something as small as static electricity to a possible short with in your walls, sometimes a lamp or radio may have a short inside that you do not know about and could be harmful to the person plugging it in.

Unlike the regular breaker these devices are a bit more complex the wiring is crucial to be right for proper performance of the device we recommend that a qualified electrician installs it.

Service Inspections

Solar_Panel_InstallationWhat is a service inspection? A service inspection is a service we provide to help our customers save money. There will be a time where the customer might be getting ready to sell or perhaps buy a home or business. This service allows us to come in and check all the receptacles, switches, GFCI, smoke detectors, breakers, or even wiring defects, etc.… we will provide the customer with recommendations for any repairs that may be necessary. This service will allow you to know weather or not it will be an added expense at the time of purchase or sell.

Ceiling Fans/Lighting

What are Ceiling Fans and lighting? Ceiling fans are a great way to save money in this town, in the summer it helps keep the home or business cooler by circulating air and helping the air conditioner operate less time there for saving money on your electric bill. In the event that you want a ceiling fan installed in your home or business we can help the only factors we would like to know is weather or not there is pre wiring in your ceiling if there is not we would go into your attic and run the correct wiring for a clean and safe operation of your fans. With general lighting there a various ways to save money we can offer many types of fixtures like fluorescent lights, LED lighting, recess cans in lighting the customer becomes crucial to the designing and types of fixtures to be installed.

LED Lighting Retrofit

Panel Tune Ups

What is an LED Lighting retrofit? An LED lighting retrofit is great way for a home or business owner to make a great investment on there property. There are great incentives given by NV Energy here in Nevada for customers that what to have more efficient lights. This service allows us to go on your property and do an assessment on the lighting like fluorescent, recess cans, landscape lighting, or parking lot light poles, etc…. after an assessment we will recommend what the best fixtures are to convert to LED lights and begin saving money almost instantly.

GFCI Receptacles/Receptacles/Switches/Dimmers

What are GFCI Receptacles/Receptacles/Switches/Dimmers? If you look around every home or business has one or all of these devices. The GFCI is the device that has 2 buttons on it one that says RESET and the other one says TEST. These devices are normally located within 6 feet of a water source such as a sink or fountain, you can also find this device in a garage, bathroom or kitchen. The receptacles are the device that the computer or TV you are watching or the reading lamp and phone charger is plugged in to. These devices will be located all thru out your house or business. The switch or dimmers are what give us the power to create light by flipping the switch or sliding the dimmer. The switch allows us to turn on or turn off the light while the dimmers gives us the capability to set the mood for a romantic night with a loved one or a movie night with the family. All of these devices are important for the everyday operation of your home or business but most importantly the working condition a must for the safety of everybody that comes in contact with them.