Use LED Lighting Efficiency to Save Money

LED lightLED lighting is a great option for those looking to improve the energy efficiency in their home for several reasons:

  • They last longer than traditional lighting,
  • Their ability to reduce energy costs by 75%,
  • They are cool to the touch,
  • and they are mercury-free.

If you are new to LED lighting, you might not be sure of how to use it in your home. In this article, we will discuss different ways you can use LED lighting in your home to improve energy efficiency.

You can find LED light bulbs for just about every part of your home, including your outdoor spaces. Depending on how much you want to reduce your energy costs, you can use LED light bulbs as your primary lighting source or as a supplement to your current lighting. For example, you can place compatible LED light bulbs in all of your lamps. If you want to have a larger impact on reducing energy costs in your home, however, you might want to consider installing LED light fixtures.

LED light fixtures come in various shapes and sizes that you can have installed in your kitchen, dining room, living room, bed rooms, bathrooms and more! LED light fixtures available today include down light fixtures, tracking fixtures, cabinet lighting fixtures, refrigerator and freezer fixtures, surface and suspended, lamps, display case fixtures and bay fixtures.

There are a wide range of LED lighting outdoor fixtures too, including flood lights, patio lighting, lighting for your paved pathways, outdoor lamps, lanterns, and outdoor house lights. If you are considering the idea of adding outdoor lights to your property for the first time, you might want to consider meeting with an electrician from 24-7 Electrical Services LLC to determine whether or not outdoor lighting will be beneficial for your residence and lower energy costs.

When purchasing LED lighting fixtures and bulbs, look for Energy Star labeled because you can get rebates from NV Energy, allowing you to save even more money! Currently, the state of Nevada offers rebates for residents who purchase LED light bulbs that have the Energy Start label on them.

If you need assistance converting your home to LED lighting, give us a call today at 702-927-1054.  We offer a variety services for your lighting needs, including electrical service and light fixture upgrades that will improve the energy efficiency of your home and lower your energy bill.

Buying an Older Home Presents Unique Problems

home inspectionOlder homes come with material decay and general wear and tear that may cause you to spend more than you did buying the house.

To avoid such a situation, pay attention to these telltale signs.

Electrical System

If you found an older home to buy, there is no telling what year its electrical system is from. Particularly old homes bring a rustic charm, but also bring the danger of fire as old ,electrical wires inevitably fail.  Old wires are more prone to a short circuiting.

Look for scorch marks on switches and outlets, damaged or missing insulation or other things that seem to indicate the potential that one or more wires are not properly grounded.

Heating Systems

Like electrical systems, heating systems have also undergone many changes over the years. From chimneys to central heating, even if houses were updated, the heating system might still vent exhaust through the old chimney.  Older smoke pipes were encased in terracotta, a rapidly deteriorating material. Survey the age of the house’s heating system, what type it is, its condition and how efficient it is. Antique heat systems are interesting, but they will not save on heating bills.

Plumbing Systems

Of the four systems listed here, plumbing is the most obvious.  As pipes are repaired in sections over time, they turn into a combination of old and new technology. From corrosion to clogging, the only thing you can be sure of is that you’ll need to have the entire system redone to ensure there are no plumbing emergencies as a result.


Most roofs do not stand the test of time as weather elements are extremely harsh. Ask what material is the roof and how long it has been there. Check for water spots on the ceiling to find any leaks. Chances are, if it was not recently done, you will either fix a section or have to redo the entire roof to prevent leaks.

All warnings aside, old houses have a charm that modern luxuries cannot replicate.  Make sure your home is electrically sound, and outfitted with efficient heat, plumbing and roofing.  24/7 Electrical Service is skilled in safeguarding homes against the threat of electric fires.  Our technicians are trained to identify what electrical system might be in an old home, and where problems will surface.

 If you own or are buying an old home, call us today for a free estimate at 702-927-1054.

Why Hire A Certified Electrical Technician?

certified electrician Many people try to take care of electrical problems themselves. However, if you are experiencing electrical issues, then you may want to consider hiring a certified electrician. Below are some of the reasons you should consider hiring a professional to take care of your electrical problems:

Handling electricity can be quite dangerous. Even if one makes a simple error, it could endanger his or her life as well as the lives of other people. Electrical mistakes can damage property. Additionally, electrical problems can result in fires. This risk can be avoided if you hire a certified electrical technician.

Electrical technicians have undergone extensive training. They understand how electricity will be used throughout the building. Their extensive knowledge and training allows them to get the job done right the first time.

Many people think that they will be able to save time and money by fixing electrical problems themselves instead of hiring a professional. But the pro’s complete jobs quickly.  They already know what to do when they evaluate your issue, so they do not have to waste time researching information or learning by trial and error like the overzealous do-it-yourselfer.   Minor mistakes can result in costly damages that far exceed the cost to hire a certified electrician who will solve your problem the first time through.

All electricians are required to be licensed before they can work in the field. You will get the peace of mind knowing that the job will be done properly under safety code.

There is no need for you to try to take care of electrical problems yourself when the safety risks are so high.   The job will  get done quicker and more precise in the hands of a licensed professional than in yours.   If you are mulling over fixing electrical issues in your home, talk it over with us first by calling 702-927-1054.